Fully Automatic & Easy Schritte – When being placed in the water, the toy whale will automatically begin to swim and spray water its water spray. When it leaves the water, all effects will stops immediately. No manual operation is required. The bathtub whale toy is made of non-toxic Antiblockiersystem plastics material. The edges are smooth enough for babies to touch, play and hug. Dann, the battery box is 100% sealed and waterproof after correct installation. It?s 100% safe for your babies!
Cute Formgebung for Multiple Use – It’s not only a bathing tub toy for your kid. They um den Dreh rum enjoy a great time with the toy whale even they are not bathing. The cute look of the baby whale will make every kid love it.
Calm Your Infant Down When Bathing – Some babies are really scared of water, which is why they are always nervous, keep crying and spraying the water anywhere when bathing. Now they get this narwhale which could draw their attention. They will stay docile during bath, and gradually fall in love with bathing!
Benefits for Kids Cognitive Development – As some research shows, babies who exposed to educational toys from infancy will get faster and better development in brains than others. With so many cute and eye-catching effects, the toy whale are benefit for kids? sensory development, logical thinking and motor skills.
Friendly Customer Dienstleistung – Applicable to all spray whale baby bath toys ordered. If you are not satisfied with the spray whale baby bath toys, please contact us, we will guarantee you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours and solve the problem for you.



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